HSfB in the beginning...


Although we started out helping 'beginners', we are very proud to support established health, safety and environmental professionals and to share best practice wherever we can.  Our main aim has always been to provide continuing support for students of all ages and experience levels throughout their studies.   Learning can be a daunting prospect for anybody, let alone if you have not sat in a classroom for a number of years!   We want to help you with your challenges.


HSfB gathers tools, study aids and information from willing contributors and distributes them from these pages free of charge.  The challenge is to help beginners and professionals within the health and safety profession with their studies and day-to-day job roles in a sensible, realistic and practical way. It's all about sharing best practice.


HSfB has a unique approach to helping each other out through our Discussion Forums and social network where our attitude is quite simply for the benefit of us all.


There is no such thing as a "stupid" or "daft" health and safety question!

Read how it all started and where the heart of HSfB lies, check out John's story


HSfB in the beginning...accidents don't need to happen

About us

Health and Safety for Beginners (HSfB) is owned, managed and financed by John Johnston and has been running since March 2004.  The much appreciated day-to-day running of the site and Discussion Forums is in the capable hands of Sandra Johnston (Mum to John and official HSfB Legend!).

RoSPA Guardian Angel Award Presented to John Johnston

RoSPA Guardian Angel

RoSPA Ambassador 2018

During 2014 John was awarded one of RoSPA's newly established Guardian Angel Awards.


"Being recognised by work colleagues and my peers as one of RoSPA's Guardian Angels is an absolute honour and a privilege. 


I am so very grateful to have shared the first year of these awards with Richard Taffs, Elaine Davies, Linda Mitchell, Beckie Ramsay and Kathryn Ing.


I am also incredibly grateful to have met the truly inspiring, courageous and lovely Joy Edwards, RoSPA's first Archangel."


RoSPA Workplace Safety article: Speaking with Angels: What it means to be a RoSPA Guardian Angel Award Winner


RoSPA Ambassador Presentation to John Johnston at House of Lords

Pictured above (left to right), RoSPA President Lord Bill McKenzie of Luton, John Johnston, Vice President Lord Bill Jordan of Bournville CBE. 


John was awarded one of the inaugural RoSPA Ambassador Awards at the House of Lords on the 10th Oct 2018.


"I don't really like the spotlight but I'm extremely proud of becoming one of the inaugural RoSPA Awards Ambassadors and was presented the award at the House of Lords.

In fact, the proudest moment of my health and safety career so far!

Wow! What a day! Li'l ol' me!

RoSPA's Guardian Angels