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Exam Tip - Take Your Personal Advisors with you!

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Do nerves get the better of you under exam conditions and your mind goes blank?

Do you dread your mind going blank and worry about it for days, even weeks or months before your exams?

Has anybody ever told you that you will know the answer and all you need to do is to simply dig deep into your mind and unlock it?

This article will give you the tools to unlock those answers, but only if you let it work for you. If you don't have an open mind for trying something new, this article really isn't for you and you shouldn't waste your time reading any more. Head back to our home page if you don't wish to try this out. Otherwise, read on...

This article was created using a technique learned from Jack Black after one of his MindStore for Business courses – www.mindstore.com/

Design Your Board Room

Imagine yourself sitting in a large senior executive Board Room. The Board Room is on the top floor of a large office block overlooking the most fantastic view you have ever seen, peaceful and whatever you want it to be. The Board Room is furnished to the highest specification possible with leather executive chairs, modern art décor, plenty of natural light, the temperature is just right and there are plenty of indoor plants and flowers giving off a pleasant calming scent. No expense spared.

You are sitting at the head of the table with a dozen executive places around the plush solid Oak Board Room table and you are in complete control of who enters your Board Room to become your personal advisors.

Call Upon Your Personal Advisors

The trick to successfully answering exam questions using this technique is quite simply to have the right people sitting at your Board Room table advising you. For example, if you were asked a question on health and safety law and you weren't quite sure of the answer, who would you turn to for the answer if you had the chance? Would it be a previous lecturer from your NEBOSH General Certificate? Would it be a colleague from a local IOSH branch group? Would it be one of HSfB's discussion forum members? Would it be your mentor or boss? It doesn't matter who it is. Just make sure you think of the person you feel can answer you instantly on the particular topic and place them in your Board Room sitting in one of the plush leather executive chairs.

Then, when the question comes up under exam conditions (or during every day life), simply ask your health and safety advisor and let them give you the answer. They will give you the correct answer every single time, without fail (as long as you have studied the subject that is).

Use this technique to fill your Board Room with people you trust to give you good solid advice on any topic you like, from COSHH, fire, construction, occupational health, work at heights, confined spaces or even the NEBOSH action verbs! It's your Board Room and you are in control of who enters it to become your personal advisors.

Use Your Imagination

If you feel your Board Room is beginning to bulge at the seams with advisors, that's just fantastic. The more the merrier! Simply make your Board Room bigger!

This technique doesn't just work under exam conditions, it can work in your every day lives if you are simply looking for advice on a decision that lies ahead of you. It's a simple case of asking yourself – "what would ______ have said in this situation?"

The technique works because psychologically even if you make yourself believe you can't remember, or if you are unsure of how to decide on something, you will simply have faith in your advisors not to forget and to say the right thing, then you will get your answer.

Tell yourself often enough that you can't remember and guess what? You won't remember!

Tell yourself you will remember, or your advisors will help you to remember, and guess what? You will remember!

It only works!