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Welding Safety: The Essential Guide

R-Tech Welding Equipment launches free, interactive welding safety guide

Welding equipment supplier R-Tech Welding has created its own welding safety guide, updating the others which can be found online and in print.

The new guide from R-Tech is an online guide, and is interactive, allowing readers to choose different methods of welding to find the information that they need to stay safe while working with welding gear.






Welding Safety: The Essential Guide, as the piece is called, covers all welding methods and topics including:


  • Arc/MMA/Stick welding

  • MIG & TIG welding

  • Plasma Cutting

  • Oxy-fuel/Gas

  • Workwear

  • Safety FAQs


Robert White of R-Tech Welding explained why they created the updated safety guide:


“There is a lot of information around the web and in print about welding safety, but largely it is scattered around different websites. We wanted to gather all of the best information and put it in one place.


“We also wanted to make sure that there was safety equipment for all welders, from beginners to seasoned professionals. There are risks for all welders and if we can help prevent accident or illness then that’s great.”


Welding Safety: The Essential Guide is packed with resources and links out to the best welding safety information around. It can be found on the R-Tech Welding Equipment website.