Monitoring / Review

Monitoring / Review


New Health & Safety Downloads

Updated 06.05.19

Pre-use Checks Toolbox Talk (.doc) by Stevie Johnno

Analysis Tools


Zip icon  Accident and Incident Report Database by Mark Sutton


Spreadsheet icon  Accident Chart by Jonsi


Spreadsheet icon  Accident Data by DennisH


Spreadsheet icon  Accident Injury Stats Template by Safety


Spreadsheet icon  Accident Tracker by Hammer


Zip icon  Jason's Accident Stats Tool


Spreadsheet icon  Master Stats Database



Monitoring Tools


Document icon  Blank Audit Template


Spreadsheet icon  Compliance Audit Template


Document icon  Hazard Observation Checklist by bedds


icon presentation  HSE Auditing – Real World Examples by John Johnston


Document icon  HSE Integrated Management System - Internal Audit Guidance by Amjad Al Ata


Spreadsheet icon  Internal Audit Schedule



Document icon  Safety Audit Template


Document icon  What You Need to Have in Place before a Health & Safety Inspection by Frank Cooper


Document icon  Workplace Safety Inspection