NEBOSH Specific


icon presentation

  1. H&S Induction Training Presentation by Safety


icon presentation  2. H&S Induction Training Presentation by Safety


icon presentation

  3. H&S Induction Training Presentation by Safety


icon presentation  4. H&S Induction Training Presentation by Safety


icon presentation

  5. H&S Induction Training Presentation by Safety


icon presentation  6. H&S Induction Training Presentation by Safety


icon presentation  AA Asbestos Training by Gorgeous-Girl


icon presentation  AA Training Presentation by Gorgeous-Girl


icon presentation  Asbestos Awareness by Alan Houghton


icon presentation  Basic Human Factors and Ergonomics by Andy Brazier of AB Risk Ltd


icon presentation  Behavioural Safety Program by Simon Holmes


icon ZIP

  Blank Training Database by Matthew Durbin


icon presentation  Construction Site Induction by Coldrop


icon document  Course End Questionnaire by AnthonyG


icon presentation  Crane Operation Quiz by Total


icon document  Employee Staff Induction Questionnaire by Stuart Would


icon zip  Employee Staff Induction Booklet (zipped Publisher document) by Stuart Would



icon PDF  Ergonomics Toolbox by Craig Lydiate


icon presentation  Fire Life Safety Training by Francis Omoike


icon ZIP  Hand-Finger Toolbox Talks by Bedds


icon document  Health and Safety Information for Visitors by Keith1983


icon document  Health and Safety Induction Checklist by LisaMW


icon ZIP  Hot Work Operations Training Course by fs1982


icon ZIP  Impact of Health and Safety - The Guardian Quiz by Steve M


icon PDF  Promoting a Positive Culture by Andy Brazier of AB Risk Ltd


icon document  Safety Observation Report by Will Pool


icon document

  Safety Culture Mind Map by Dave West


icon presentation  Safety Induction by Malcolm Strong 


icon ZIP  Sample Training Database by Safety


icon document  Student Evaluation by Bedds


icon ZIP  Toolbox Talks by Andrew Burgess


icon ZIP  Toolbox Talks by Otto


icon document  Trainer Evaluation by Bedds


icon spreadsheet

  Training Calendar by Jonsi


icon spreadsheet  Training Programme by Robosafe


icon spreadsheet  Training Matrix by DennisH 


icon presentation  Use of PPE by Simon Holmes






Newest downloads

Updated 24.01.19

Duty of Care Audit
Donated by Anon

Duty of Care Checklist
Donated by Anon

Analysis Tools


Zip icon  Accident and Incident Report Database by Mark Sutton


Spreadsheet icon  Accident Chart by Jonsi


Spreadsheet icon  Accident Data by DennisH


Spreadsheet icon  Accident Injury Stats Template by Safety


Spreadsheet icon  Accident Tracker by Hammer


Zip icon  Jason's Accident Stats Tool


Spreadsheet icon  Master Stats Database



Monitoring Tools


Document icon  Blank Audit Template


Spreadsheet icon  Compliance Audit Template


Document icon  Hazard Observation Checklist by bedds


icon presentation  HSE Auditing – Real World Examples by John Johnston


Document icon  HSE Integrated Management System - Internal Audit Guidance by Amjad Al Ata


Spreadsheet icon  Internal Audit Schedule


Document icon  Safety Audit Template


Document icon  What You Need to Have in Place before a Health & Safety Inspection by Frank Cooper


Document icon  Workplace Safety Inspection





Presentation icon  Accident Investigation by Stuart Would


PDF icon  Accident Investigation Interview Technique by Andy Nairn


Document icon  Accident Investigator Toolkit by Adrian Woon


Presentation icon  Accident Reporting Procedure by Stuart Would


Document icon  Accident Reporting Questionnaire by Stuart Would


Spreadsheet icon  Hazard Reporting Form by Lisa



Document icon  HSE Alert Template


Spreadsheet icon  Incident Investigation by H&S Newbie


PDF icon  Investigate Record Report by Andy Brazier


Document icon  Near Miss Report


Document icon  Accident Reporting Investigation (including forms) by Stuart Would


Zip icon  The Anatomy of an Accident or Hazardous Incident by HSfB





Newest downloads

Updated 10.02.19

COSHH Assessment Form
Donated by Scott Dunbar

icon document  5 Steps to Risk Assessment by Dave West


Spreadsheet icon

  Chemical Register by LisaMW


document icon

  Control of Substances Hazardous to Health by Fatwolf


document icon

  Construction Project Safe System of Work Template by Nigel Bown


document icon

  COSHH Assessment Form by Scott Dunbar


 Spreadsheet icon COSHH Assessment Record by LisaMW


document icon  Diseases Associated with Birds


 document icon Dynamic Risk Assessment by Will Pool


document icon  Engineering Task Risk Assessment by Scott Dunbar


document icon  Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment Guidelines by Bedds


document icon  Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment by Andrew Beveridge


document icon

  Fire RA Flow Chart by Tim Prestage of Tim Prestage Ltd


document icon

  Fire Risk Assessment by HSfB


document icon  General Risk Assessment Priority Rating by LisaMW


icon presentation

  Harmful Substances by Eddie Cummings


icon presentation  Hazard Assessment by Graham Clarke


icon PDF  Hazardous Substances by Andy Brazier of AB Risk Ltd


document icon  Inherent Safety - Chemical Processes by John Johnston


Spreadsheet icon

  Manual Handling Risk Assessment by Steve Carey


document icon  Method Statement - Suction Cleaning by Fleur




document icon

  Mini Scaffold Risk Assessment by Andrew McQueen-Thomson


icon PDF  Minute Risk Assessment Form by William MacKintosh


document icon  New Expectant Mothers Self Risk Assessment Form by Siblo


icon PDF file

  New or Expectant Mothers by AdamUK


icon zip file

  NIOSH Chemical Pocket Guide by Amjad Ata


document icon  Pregnancy Self-Assessment by Bedds


document icon  Risk Assessment Template by John Johnston


document icon  Risk Assessment Acceptance - Subbies by Nigel Bown


document icon  Risk Assessment and Matrix Sample by Safety


icon PDF  Risk Assessment Guidance Note by Craig Lydiate


document icon  Risk Assessment Template by Philip Baker


Spreadsheet icon  Risk Assessment - Use of Back Pack Vacuum by Fleur


icon presentation  Risk Assessment


Spreadsheet icon  Risk Register and Audit Log by John Johnston


document icon  Risk Assessment by Captdiggo


document icon  Risk Assessment Action Plan by LisaMW


document icon  Risk Assessment Template by GreigD


 Spreadsheet icon Risk Matrix by Paul Simpson


Spreadsheet icon  Rapid Risk Assessment by Bedds


document icon  Security Guard Dogs by SafetyJay


document icon  Steps Ladder Risk Assessment by Andrew Burgess


document icon  STOP - Take 5 Pre-Task Risk Assessment by Mark Sutton


document icon  Work Equipment Risk Assessment by PaddyT