Workplace Equipment

Workplace Equipment

New Health & Safety Downloads

Updated 06.05.19

Pre-use Checks Toolbox Talk (.doc) by Stevie Johnno

Driving for Work


icon word document  Child Safety Seat Use – Ian Paton


icon word document  Driver Handbook – Dave West


icon word document  Driver Safety – Dave West


icon word document  Driver Procedure – Gary Stanley


icon word document  Drivers Handbook – Dave West


icon word document  DRIVING LICENCE CHECK REPORT – Dave West


icon word document  Head Restraints – Ian Paton


icon word document  Mobile phone in car flowchart – Gary Stanley


icon word document  Motorway Hard Shoulder Safety – Ian Paton



icon word document  Overtaking – Ian Paton


icon word document  Speed Control – Ian Paton


icon word document  Vehicle Check Sheet – Mister Smith



Display Screen Equipment


icon word document  Blank Generic DSE Checklist – Nigel Bown




icon word document  DSE Assessment Form - Johnno


icon word document  DSE Self-Assessment


icon word document  DSE Equipment – Dave West


icon word document  DSE_Self_Assessment_Questionnaire - LisaMW


icon presentation  Health and Safety – Display Screen Equipment - Adams Burt (H&S) Ltd


icon zip file  How To Set Up Your Workstation M – Safety Media -


icon word document  IR.HS.DSE Questions.1.2 – i-resources -


icon word document  IR.HS.DSE Scoring.1.3 – i-resources -



Ladders and Platforms


icon PDF  Ladder and Stepladder Safety - Fleur


icon presentation  Ladder Pre-use Checks – Nigel Bown


icon word document  Ladder 6 Monthly Inspection Checklist - LisaMW


icon word document  Ladder Pre-use Checklist - LisaMW


icon word document  Ladder Template – Nigel Bown


icon presentation  Portable Ladders – Peter Hopkins -


icon word document  Safe Ladder Use – Steve Carey


icon word document  Safe Stepladder Use – Steve Carey


icon word document  WI – Mini Scaffold - Andrew McQueen-Thomson



Mechanical Handling - LOLER


icon word document  Basic Lifting Plan – Simon Heesom


icon word document  Crane_Lifting_Plan_Method_Statement_and_Risk_Assessment – Mark Sutton


icon word document  Flts 1 – Dave West


icon word document  Flts 2 – Dave West


icon word document  Fork Lift Truck Daily Checklist – John Johnston


icon word document  Forklift Operation Guidelines NT - Andrew McQueen-Thomson


icon word document  Forklift Operator - Competency Assessment - Andrew McQueen-Thomson



icon word document  Forklift Operator Competency Assess Answers - Andrew McQueen-Thomson


icon zip file  Fork-Lift Trucks - HSfB


icon word document  Forklift Verification of Competency - Andrew McQueen-Thomson


icon word document  Komatsu Forklift RA - Andrew McQueen-Thomson


icon presentation  LOLER 98 Summary


icon PDF  Pre-Use Check Sheet Lorry Loader Crane – Carol Brown -


icon presentation  Unit 8 Mechanical handling - Sean


icon word document  WI - Komatsu Forklift - Andrew McQueen-Thomson


icon word document  WI - Refuelling Forklift - Andrew McQueen-Thomson





icon word document  Exc Roller Dumper Daily Insp – Andrew Burgess


icon PDF  Exemption_Book_A4_Size – David Ritchie of Ritchies Training Centre


icon word document  Machinery Risk Assessment – Dave West


icon word document  MEWP T Handler Daily Insp – Andrew Burgess


icon presentation  PPE by Terry Robson


icon presentation  PPE_PPP - Coldrop


icon word document  PUWER Assessment Checklist - Safety


icon word document  Racking Inspection Checklist - Steve Skinner


icon presentation  Racking Awareness – Dave West


icon presentation  The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations - HSfB


icon presentation  Use of Work Equipment – Simon Holmes


icon presentation  Working Safely with Work Equipment - Donald A Mackay



Traffic Management


icon zip file  Movement of People and Vehicles Hazards and Control - HSfB


icon presentation  Pedestrians in the Workplace 2007 – Simon Holmes


icon presentation  Traffic Management - Philip Baker


icon presentation  Traffic Management - Coldrop