Workplace Hazards

Workplace Hazards

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Updated 10.02.19

Grenfell Fire Prevention Spidergram
Donated by Tim Prestage OSHCR. CMIOSH. MCIPD



icon word document  Asbestos FAQ - Alan Houghton





icon zip file  Construction Docs x 140 by Wayne Lawton


icon document file  Excavations Mind Map by Dave West


icon spreadsheet  Hazard Register Proforma (Master) by David Cant of Veritas Consulting


icon word document  Minor Works MSRA by Andrew Burgess


icon word document  Monthly Scaffold Inspection Report Template by Nigel Bown


icon word document  Permit to Dig by Andrew Burgess


icon word document  Permit to Load by Andrew Burgess


icon spreadsheet  Quick Hitch Register by John Thorley of Bardsley Construction


icon PDF  Scaff Tower Defect Tag by Andrew Burgess


icon word document  Site Safety Inspection by Coldrop


icon word document  Toolbox Talk - Winter Hazards by John Thorley of Bardsley Construction


icon presentation  UKCG SG4 Update 2010 by Rick Statham of Safety & Access Ltd. Note: review this file before use as it has been updated since publication on this site





icon presentation

  Basic Principles of Electrical Safety


icon word  General Electrical Safety



Fire and Emergency


icon word  Example of Potential Ignition Sources by Peter Jolley of Fire Safety Services


icon presentation  Fire and Safety Signs Quiz by Paul Monk


icon word  Fire Drill After Event Employee Observation by LisaMW


icon word  Fire Drill Observation Sheet by LisaMW


icon word  Fire Equipment Register Checklist by Wayne Lawton


icon PDF  Fire Log Book by HSfB


icon spreadsheet  Fire Plan Template


icon spreadsheet  Fire Safety Audit Report by Hospitalboy


icon PDF  Grenfell Fire Prevention Spidergram by Tim Prestage


icon word  PEEP Template by Ian Paton


icon word  Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) by HSfB


icon word  Pictures of Fire Types and Extinguishers by martin1804


icon PDF  Resetting of New Call Point by Kramehtnam


icon spreadsheet  Standard Fire Sign Schedule by John Bone